Adult tooth

The adult tooth has been knocked out

Rinse the tooth in some saline solution and replant the tooth back into the socket in the correct position. If you cannot replant the tooth immediately, place the tooth into a cup of milk and take it to the dentist ASAP.

The adult tooth is displaced

The adult tooth may be pushed in/out, displaced back/forward. Try to reposition the adult tooth to the original position as best as possible and seek professional attention ASAP.

The adult tooth has been chipped

If the tooth has fractured it is important to determine whether the nerve is exposed. Usually you will see a small bleeding point on the fracture surface if the nerve is exposed. It is extremely important to get to a dentist ASAP to clean the area and cover the exposed nerve to give the tooth the best prognosis. If the nerve has not been exposed, it is still important to attend a dental clinic as soon as possible to reduce sensitivity, restore aesthetics and minimise bacterial infiltration to the nerve.