Pain is constant

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Does the pain feel worse when biting/firmly tapping on a particular tooth?
Yes, increased pain on biting/firmly tapping on a particular tooth

This often indicates that the nerve of this tooth is infected. This bacterial infiltration may have occurred through decay or a crack in the tooth. The treatment indicated is usually root canal therapy or extraction 

In some instances, pain on biting on a particular tooth may not result from a nerve infection but rather a gum infection. This is especially the case around wisdom teeth. There is usually food which is packed into the gum and the gums may appear swollen. In some instance of severe gum infection the gums may appear ulcerated and the patient may have bad breath. Treatment will focus on clearing up the gum infection.

Only a skilled dentist can distinguish between an infection of gum or tooth origin. If the infection has started in the tooth and spread to the gums, the tooth can usually be saved however if the infection starts in the gums and spreads to the tooth, the prognosis for the tooth is often hopeless and extraction is indicated.

The pain is worse when biting down/firmly tapping on several of the upper teeth

Does the pain feel worse when you are lying down, bending over or jumping up and down? This may indicate that you have sinusitis. You may have had the flu recently. Please note that sometimes sinusitis can also be caused by tooth problems.

No, there is no increased pain on biting/firmly tapping on a particular tooth