After hours emergency dental service

24 Hour Dentist

It is not uncommon for dental pain to occur at an unconvenient time. That is why we offer an after hours call out service to attend to your dental emergency .

How quickly can I get an after hours appointment?

It depends on the day but usually the after hours dentist can see you in 30 min from the time of your call

Do you offer a genuine 24 hour emergency dental service?

Yes, we are true to our word. Unfortunately, there are many clinics who claim to be 24 hrs however when you call there is only an answering machine and they only call back in the morning. We operate 24 hours most of the time however we cannot guarantee that the service will always be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. This may be because a critical staff member is sick or key equipment is not working. However, we are always striving to improve our reliability.

Do you offer emergency dental services on public holidays?

Yes, please call to make an appointment with the emergency dentist.

Is it expensive to call out an emergency dentist after hours?

The after hours call out surcharge is $180. Therefore, your total cost is the normal treatment fee + $180. This is the market rate in Sydney. The fee is not cheap however it is fair as the dentist and nurse need to travel to the clinic at odd hours just to see you. Our patients find that the fee is worth it for being able to go to sleep and attend work the next day. There may be clinics which "do not surcharge" however as the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Such clinics may charge much more than the market price for the procedures they perform.